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My good friend "Boone"stopped by for a visit one day. I have known Boone for over 25 years. He came to America as a young adult from Thailand. He went through all the struggles as a new immigrant, language, culture, laws, and of course the weather. Winter in Minnesota is not like Thailand. Anyway my point being is that he has been through quite a bit. Well, this day, as we were having a few beers, the topic of relationships came up. More specifically...Marriage. I wish I could go into detail, but its not the same if it isn't coming from him. The bottom line is that its not all about love, but in "Boone's" words, its about suffering. Boone went one with many examples we all can relate. I haven't laughed that hard  for so long! That is the purpose for this shirt, to remind all of us that we are here to "Suffer"! Thanks Boone!