About Us

 My son, Billy, and I started with a small silk screen kit we received. It was a learning experience for both of us, but it soon became more than that. We became hooked when Billy wanted to make a T-shirt with the an image of the Titanic. I had to learn more than just line art. We needed to do half tones. "TITANIC" was our first T-shirt.

 After that we created a few more simple ideas and for fun we decided to start a website. That itself was another learning experience which I am still trying to figure out. The shirts you see here are those shirts first shirts we created. Of course only a few family members were interested. 

 One fall we heard about using black walnut hulls for a dye. We have a few black walnut trees and only used them to make pies for Thanksgiving in the past. They make great pies so why not? Let's make a dye! Again, only a few family members and friends were interested.

 Although we didn't have much luck, word of mouth got around and we started picking up a few jobs, Sheridan Hills, ( Billy's School ), Burning Brothers Brewing, On's Kitchen and a few smaller custom shirt jobs for friends.

I would describe us as unique, passionate, and energetic. The common denominator in all of that is Billy. As you may have guess by now that's why our name is BillyBai Ink.