Bhin Dahn

  It was supper time, everything was ready, except for the beans. I put them on the stove and walked outside to enjoy the weather. I had finished work, grilled the steaks, and just about to enjoy a little idle time. Suddenly my wife came out running from the kitchen yelling Bhin Dahn! Bihn Dahn! My Chinese vocabulary is very limited. I had no idea what " Bhin Dahn" meant, but I would soon find out. 

   I jumped up and headed to the kitchen, there she stood, pointing at the pot of beans. Bhin Dahn!  They were boiling over. The beans were done. Bhin Dahn! I quickly turned of the stove and turned to look at her. I asked, "Bhin Dahn"? She looked up and with a serious face she replied, Bhin Dahn! I gave out a chuckle and said, "Im Bhin Dahn too," and went back outside to continue my idle time.

We've been using this phrase for the past 12 years. Its caught on with friends and family. We use it when our work has been done and its time to relax. We thought it was kind of catchy so we decided to put it on a shirt and call it Idle Wear. That's our story, we hope you enjoy it. But before you relax, make sure your Bhin Dahn!