White under base

Burning Brothers Brewing celebrated their 4th anniversary last weekend. The Most Coast IPA was the highlight. New design, new colors. Time was tight and I was unsure of how well the blue would show up on a black shirt.

It was our first try at a white under base and our first Pantone color match. Billy said " just do it Dad!" And so, we did. Things went pretty smooth until I left Billy alone to mix the ink. When I came back, he had white ink in his hair! All he could do was just mumble and blame his cat, Jerry. I handed him the ink wash and sent him to the showers.

Over all, things went well. We got the shirts done in time and the next day we were off to DAX at Treasure Island Casino. Again it was another first. Our first trade expo. Heres to a busy week and a well deserved celebration at Burning Brothers Brewing.



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