Vintage Ink vs. Standard Ink



My son Billy was sick and stayed home from school, and of course I did also. I was working on a pig drawing for Chinese new year and need a break. I went to the computer and started surfing. As surfing goes, you never know where you end up.

When Billy and I started screen printing we didn't know anything about it. We struggled with coating, exposure times, halftones, mesh count. We couldn't afford to have all the different screens in various mesh counts. We decided we needed  couple for line art and another for halftones. 

One day, we used the halftone screen instead of the line screen. not as much ink was applied and the texture and color of the shirt actually came through the ink. We were so happy with the results! It didn't have that heavy ink feel. Most everything we printed after that we used this method.

As I was surfing that day Billy was sick, I came across a screen printing shop. They had a video about vintage and standard inks. After watching the video, I ran down with the laptop to show Billy. He watched it and looked at me, "that's what we do!" I replied with a smile "Its called Vintage". You learn something every day!

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