On's Kitchen



I have known the Kumchaya family for over 25 years. Boone and I would always get together for Monday Night Football at his sister On's house. That is where I was introduced to Thai food. A young Caucasian man whom had grown up on meat and potatoes with the vegetable being pork and beans. It was quite the shock to be exposed to fish head soup, beef tripe, squid and all sorts of bright colored vegetables. Needless to say, the food On cooked was always amazing!

On has a restaurant now on University Avenue in St. Paul MN. I will occasional stop by to help with a few maintenance repairs. On does all the cooking herself and her daughter Noy is the manager. When I walk in its like going back in time to those days of Monday Night Football. The warm welcome, the wonderful aroma, and On cooking her heart out in the kitchen. They work long hard hours. A work ethic rarely seen these days. 

I called Noy one day and asked if I could print out some shirts for her and her staff. She was very receptive to the idea. Noy wanted a Thai saying on the back with a hot pepper. This is what we came up with. I thought it turned out well. It feels good to do something for such a family. Thank you On and Noy!

If its not spicy, Im not eating


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