Negative Halftone




Chinese New Year! Xian Nian Kuai Le!

It's the Year Of the Pig.

I wanted to try something different. I like to play with water colors, but I don't paint enough. I needed to keep it simple. I decided to paint with only black. Scan the image and print with white ink on a red shirt. My thinking was that withe a white halftone on red the pig would have a pinkish hue. Sounds simple enough, but after I went through the entire process and printed a shirt..... ugh what went wrong?

I created a film positive, not a negative!

Overall, I think the white on red was a good idea. My execution was poor but I guess that's how we learn. Painting is something I really would like to spend more time doing. Just not enough time in the day. It is a new year, I'll try to make more time for it.

Happy New Year!



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