Bhin Dahn

I've told this story many times but it seems I haven't mentioned it at all here. I will try to simplify it and get right to the point. First of all, my wife is Chinese. There are many times when we have a misunderstanding or should I say my lack of the "Chinglish" language.

One day after work I was grilling outside and making green beans on the stove. I sat done for just a moment to enjoy my beer. Soon my wife was yelling Bhin Dahn! Bhin Dahn! I had no idea what she meant but the look on her face made me believe it was serious. I jumped up and followed her to the kitchen. There she pointed at the beans boiling over. I looked at her with an amused look and asked, "Bhin Dahn"? She just pointed at the stove with a serious face, "Bhin Dahn"!

Ever since that day we have used that term "Bhin Dahn". But now, we use it in the sense that we are done with whatever we are doing and its time to relax. "I'm Bhin Dahn".  Its caught on to family and friends. 

We decided to make it into Tee shirts, Hoodies, and Beanies. So when your Bhin Dahn,  just sit back and relax.


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