A year in review


Its been a year since Billy and I launched BillyBai Ink. I am currently recovering from knee surgery so I have some time to think about what we've done and what we would like to do.

We went to DAX ( Decorated Apparel Expo ), and saw a great deal of equipment. Billy was really interested in the embroidery machines. I was also but the cost of those things was just too much. We looked into smaller machines but still, its a cost we can't swing right now. We need to make our "hobby" sustainable, and Im a little reluctant to learn a new skill. I still have much to learn in screen printing and don't want to bite off more than we can chew.

One thing that we haven't been able to do was to be more creative. I know time has a lot to do with it. My full time job and Billy's school work have seem to take priority. But with winter coming, I am hopeful our creative juices will start to flow. We have been working on a project of our own, but we are not ready quite yet to introduce it.

Overall, I think its been a good year for us. I have been battling with the fact that we started BillyBai Ink too soon. We just jumped into it. I know your supposed to do all your research, prepare, plan...and such. And to be honest, if we did all of that we wouldn't have even started. We haven't made any money, but we are still learning, still having fun and still excited about it. I think that counts for something. When it stops being fun, Billybai Ink will be no more. Until then, full steam ahead. We are ready for another year!

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